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2 definitions by tickalishhh

(Adj.) Describing a woman that hasn't had sex in a very very long time.
"Damn Shawna's gotten uterusty since she caught leprosy."
by tickalishhh November 29, 2009
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Verb. To subtly add an article or clause to an agreement, contract or bill without the notice or recognition of the other party.
Rueben: *sob sob sob* "Baby come back to me! I'll give you anything!"
Victoria: "Don't cheat on me again!"
Reuben: *sob sob sob* "Okay okay!"
Victoria: "Take me out on dates!"
Reuben: *sob sob sob* "Okay okay!"
Victoria: "Let me sleep with your father!"
Reuben: *sob sob sob* "Okay okay!"
Orpheus: "Yo Reuben, your girl totally slept with your father!"
Rueben: "Awwww shit! I just remembered she Christmas claused me! I guess it's aight."
by tickalishhh December 16, 2009
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