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2 definitions by tickalishhh

(Adj.) Describing a woman that hasn't had sex in a very very long time.
"Damn Shawna's gotten uterusty since she caught leprosy."
by tickalishhh November 29, 2009
Verb. To subtly add an article or clause to an agreement, contract or bill without the notice or recognition of the other party.
Rueben: *sob sob sob* "Baby come back to me! I'll give you anything!"
Victoria: "Don't cheat on me again!"
Reuben: *sob sob sob* "Okay okay!"
Victoria: "Take me out on dates!"
Reuben: *sob sob sob* "Okay okay!"
Victoria: "Let me sleep with your father!"
Reuben: *sob sob sob* "Okay okay!"
Orpheus: "Yo Reuben, your girl totally slept with your father!"
Rueben: "Awwww shit! I just remembered she Christmas claused me! I guess it's aight."
by tickalishhh December 16, 2009