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ok there's 2 times of indian one is the obvious native americans (awesome & freespirited) and then the indians of india. Let me further classify these indians. There's the ones that come straight from india, who smell funny, is funny, very hardworking, and for some reason, they're extremely cool in a way. not laid back, and not genuinely cool or a wanna-be, but just cool in their own quirky way. awesome, awesome people here if you arent a wanna-be cool person and your genuinely seeking a friend who is funny.
Now, there's the second kind of indian. this is the americanized kind, most commonly found in america or even india. the girls are weepy, don't know their own language, wear abercrombie, have HUGE egos,are obsessed with plucking out facial hair, talk with a stupid made up accent, and try to "play coy" and pretend to flirt or wink at total stranger boys, then run away and giggle uncontrollably. the boys wear "sk8er" clothes, wear sunglasses indoors, lean against walls in the mall and watch ugly girls, and look better in traditional indian clothes rather than tight clothes that highlight their thin unibrow. sometimes a fat math geek, sometimes a wannabe cool person. anyways, indian people ROCK and r really awesome, but watch out which kind you befriend!
press: bobby jindal, are you indian?
bobby jindal: no, im a wannabe louisiana hillbilly!

dude: sup, dude, you indian?
indian: yes, to be sure! what does sup mean?
dude: haha dude you rock! wanna be my best friend dude?
indian:okay. doooooood. is that how you say it?
dude: dude! yore like the coolest guy in town! hey wanna hang out with me and my friends?
indian: okay dood
by tick tock turn round im there January 03, 2009

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