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A dance created by YaY AreA rapper Mac Dre...Here Goes The Steps!

First, I do like this
Put a look on my face like I smelt some piss
Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt
Then I dust off the smirf off me shirt
Dip to the ground as I catch the bass
Then I wipe all the sweat off me face
Hop back up then I start to slide
Poppin' my collar as I glide
Then I break the thing down
And do the bird
Dust myself off like I just don't curr
Come on everybody, now's the chance
Fuck the Harlem shake
This the thizzle dance
Do the thizzle dance!
by Tiana January 29, 2005
A verb most commonly used on the playgrounds of elementary school, gayfer means someone who is stupid, ignorant, or all in all just plain gay.
Ugh, I can't believe that gayfer stole the jumprope from me!!!
by Tiana February 26, 2005
Welcome to Paradise for Gangstas! Free Continetal Breakfast it includes crack, cocaine, weed, speed, drou, and much more! We have tours of the lovely and scenic projects. We will teach you how to steal cars, get hoes, be a hustler, how not to pay child support, how to play dice, get sum, how to look clean in your white tee, and much much more. As complimentary of jus lookin at this u will receive a free car audio system for ur daddy's caddy!!
"been spendin most our lives livin in a gangsta paradise"-coollio!!
-hey wut can we say we keep our costumers happy-

haha its jus a joke lighten up!!
by tiana January 03, 2005
(noun) Poop. see Shit
Damn i stepped in some smelly ass digaty.
by tiana August 03, 2004
it looks good
synonyms: dime; hot; sexy; fine.
guy1-man that hoe is foppin!
guy2-fo sho were did she get all that ass from!
by tiana January 02, 2005
Man hyphy was made by Mac Dre...he says it in his song "Get Stupid" which was way before the song made by the Federation...not an oakland term...that's been in Valley Joe fo ever! Y'all dont know jack!

1.Out Of Pocket
Man y u gettin hyphy?
by Tiana January 29, 2005
has had a lot of heads on it
1. these pillows are heady.
2. i dont want me one of those heady blondes.
by tiana May 19, 2004

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