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45 definitions by tiago zuhr

This is a dowel inserted in the anus in order to dilate it so it becomes more adequate for anal intercourse. According to some sources, it was very common in the 18th century. The most used synonym is buttplug.
There were seven flesh coloured arseplugs with flared bases.
It was a big arseplug, but her brown had been well trained.
by Tiago Zuhr August 17, 2008

In a fellatio, this is the man who plays the passive rôle, that is, the sucked one.
The only thing Céline was interested was finding a feeder urgently.
by Tiago Zuhr July 24, 2008
the anal sphincter

same as arsering and buttring
Her assring was too tight. I didn't succeed in entering.
by Tiago Zuhr September 17, 2005
noun, the vagina
He thrust his pole inside that tight fucktunnel to the hilt.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, the vagina
His dick slid easily inside her soppy wet fucktube until she was sitting on his balls.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, the vagina
Andrew's favourite pastime was to fuck Karen's tight fuckslot.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, the vagina
It'd been a torrid fuck, his big hard dong slamming deep into her steaming fuckchannel.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008