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1. when you ask a person to do something in the form of a request and the person pretends like they don't understand. Then they repeat the action which you wish them to perform back a to you thus becoming your retarded echo.

2. a human parrot who repeats what someone says as if they cannot think of something interesting to say themselves.
1. Sally: "Hey Bob, could you take out the trash?"

Bob: "Take out the trash?"

Sally: "There goes that retarded echo again..."

2. Bully 1: "Shut up dumbfuck!"

Bully 2: "Yeah, Shut up dumbfuck!"
by tiabliaj February 28, 2011
booty-twistin' faggot (see also flaming homo)
a gay male who annoys others with his over-the-top feminine tendencies.
In Linving Color characters from the skit Men on Movies are such b-tfs
by tiabliaj February 28, 2011

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