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Singular form of "groceries." Also, a unit of groceries.
I brought home several full bags from Trader Joe's, but forgot the most crucial groceril of all: whiskey!
by thycke December 29, 2007
Not the same as knocko ....
Knocko is used in The Wire, whereas naco is used in D.F. Mexico.
by thycke October 14, 2007
An area inhabited by white people (ghosts).
Why you wanna live in North Oakland? That's Ghost Town!
by thycke September 18, 2007
Pretentious. Probably derived from "bourgeois" = middle-class, conventional values and materialism.
Her matching Vuitton shoes and bag were totally booshie. She probably lives to shop at Nordstrom.
by thycke November 30, 2007

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