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When a woman mounts a massively THICK large cock or dildo and has her legs spread as far as she can, her pussy spread to its maximum width. Such an act is usually accompanied by seriously loud undulating moans from either pain or pleasure or both.
Tim: Christ, look at the size of that thing! How the hell can she take it all?

Chuck: Pff, chicks like that slut are used to straddling the dredgepipe. She could probably fit a 2 liter bottle up that crack.
by threeinchfrog August 03, 2010
A chick's face covered in a combination of saliva and semen and sometimes smeared makeup from giving the ultimate long and messy blowjob.
Chuck: Hahaha, look at that dirty bitch. She's head to toe in lollislop.

Ted: Yeah, now her sister's licking it off.
by threeinchfrog August 04, 2010

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