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a white trash female, known for her annoying personality. they can be identified by their broomstick hair, constant wifebeater, and their inability to go anywhere without at least a little bit of camel toe and a toothpick in their mouth. ogre bitches usually only hang out with other ogre bitches, or guys just too desperate to care. their voices are comparable to squirrels or andre the giant, either way capable of making your ears bleed, so take caution when caught in a conversation with them. it's been said their mothers don't even love them. they are almost always obviously the man in the relationship and can be seen most days packing their 17 kids into their camero or 73 dodge pickup truck on their daily trips to walmart, the liquor store, and lowe's.
preferable choice of employment: carpenter.
"Shut the fuck up ogre bitch!"
by those moon tower kids October 04, 2008
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