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A state of being which is diametrically opposed to drama. similarly to "hydrophobic", one who is dramaphobic would be averse to any situation wherein there is extreme "drama".
No thanks, I'm dramaphobic.
by thisnameissoclever November 15, 2010
The friend you have that runs 4 antivirus programs, 10 different freeware anti-malware packages and is running zone alarm, norton internet security AND the windows firewall at the same time? The same guy who insists that defraging his hard drive every weekend makes surfing the internet faster?

Yeah, him.
(As defined by Dax420 on Reddit)

{Call to software company}
Customer: I installed your {program}, and now the geek squad is telling me I need a new hard drive!

Agent: Sir, I apologize, but I'm afraid that there's no way our {innocuous application} could physically damage your hard drive.

Customer: Oh yeah!? Well GOOGLE says your program destroys thousands of computers every year!

Agent: I am not one to question the Google sir, but I am telling you; it's not possible.

Customer: Then explain why GOOGLE has 40,000 results when I search for "{software name} destroyed my computer"!!
Agent: PEBKAC?
Customer: What??
Agent: Sir, I'm afraid you're a technochondriac.
Customer: *click*
by thisnameissoclever February 11, 2010

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