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Noun Used to describe someone from the continent of Europe that has small reproductive organs and a tremendously inflated ego. They are a diverse mixture of peoples that enjoy engaging in soccer, which is largely reguarded as an activity for panzies and homosexuals. Due to the success of their North American counter-parts they often resort to "America bashing" which is understandable due to the emabarrisment of being bailed out not once, but twice in a time of war. Although many will not admit that such a situation ever exsisted.

Also can be used to describe someone from the continent of Europe a that has a shity, pathetic, and out dated military, an exception can be made for Germany of course.
European1: "Cunningham are the other Europeans in trouble?"
European2: "Oh poppy cock Elizabeth, its only the French getting steam rolled"

Bob: "Look at all those gays"
Frank:"No Bob, those are Europeans"

US Army Guy: "Those Europeans can't shoot for shit"
US Army Guy2: "Yeah, there a bunch of jackasses"

"I think Euopeans should get there heads out of their asses"
by thisisfunnylol March 01, 2008
The most amazing and free country on the face of this planet that spreads the torch of liberty and shoves it up other country's asses, with pride. The country that will beast China and Russia if they ever get into a conflict. A country that everyone is envious to inhabit.
Wan-Pablo John Deer Lopez Jr,:"I can't wait to go to the USA to make tacos"

Hernado Hernandez: "Im going to be a land scaping executive"

Frenchmen: "I wish we had balls like those in the USA"

Frenchmen2: "What are balls?"

by thisisfunnylol February 29, 2008
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