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An alternative spelling to the word like, usually used on the Internet, especially myspace, IM, etc. The word is usually accompanied by other words that have been "shortened", such as ur, omg, and wtf. Sometimes it seems like the person who types this way is trying to decode a message, because it is nearly impossible to read to people who actually care about proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Apparently, the people who type this way are either lazy because they don't want to type out the entire word, or are trying to be scene or something like that.
0mg, lYk3, iF U typ3 lyke t4is, iT's n0t cut3, U juSt l00k sTupId.
by thisby July 02, 2006
A freeway in southern California that always seems to have tons of traffic
There's always a traffic jam on the 91.
by thisby July 01, 2006
A website that is supposed to be a "place for friends", but turns into a popularity contest by seeing who has the most "friends" i.e. people they have never even met.

And I don't think someone who only comments with "hey wazz up cetch ya laterz" once every three months counts as a friend.
"I'm going to add this person on myspace because I lent them a pencil in that one class we had together so I kind of know them. But I'm mostly doing it so my friend count will go up and everyone who visits my page will see what a social butterfly I am."

by thisby July 02, 2006

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