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A smart and pretty girl, rarely a brunette, but always prettier that way, She is unique in her own way, but is still normal enough to be civilized. is well loved and has a good judgement of who to be around. Does not engage in peer pressure, and someone who loves kids. A big dreamer, and a goddess of the sun and peace. This girl will usually be shy, but once people get to know her, you will never get her to shutup. Over all, she is an amazing person. This name was a gift.
Savannah is so pretty and amazing, no wonder why some people hate her. they are just jealous
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
A character in the Twilight series. The series is written by Stephenie Meyer and has four books. (Twlilight, New Moon,Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn) As of today, Twilight has been released on DVD, and is available for purchase on iTunes, and New Moon is available for pre-order on iTunes. Eclipse will hit theatres June 30th, 2010. Alice Cullen is one of the adopted children of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Alice's mate is Jasper Cullen, also known as Jasper Hale. Alice's vampire power is to see the future. Alice becomes fast friends with Bella Swan, Edward's mate. In the movies, Alice Cullen is played by Ashley Greene.
The character of Alice Cullen is from the Twilight Series
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
The act of being surprised, shocked or amazed.
Susannah: I was so flabbergasted when maddy raped me, i screamed and then died.
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
A text message that involves sexual activity, also known as phone sex. Can also be a video of nudity emailed or texted. If it is child nudity, it can be illegal
Maddy: I'm so horny, i was sexting with Ryan last night
Tiffany: that sounds sexy *Drools*
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
Aeropostale is a fashion industry made in 1987, as labeled on many of aeropostale clothing. Aeropostale is also known as aero,and it's rival stores are American Eagle,Hollister,Abercrombie, and Abercrombie and Fitch. There have been complaints of cheapness of Abercrombie clothing in the fabric, and people like aeropostale better because their clothes have been said to be better quality and lower prices than its competitors. Aeropostale also usually has a buy one get one free sale with their products.
Aeropostale has affordable, good quality clothes.
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
A breakfeast food. Can have various smells and Flavors. Are often linked to pancakes. Often served at restaraunts and hospitals for snacks and or breakfast. One of the most popular breakfast foods, muffins are going in people all over the world.
There's a muffin. its like a wanna be Cupcake
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
An online dictionary system. These definitions are written by average people, any one can write them, but only some are published because editors review them to make sure they are factual and or unrelated to inside jokes. This is a fun way to look up words, even though some definitions are innappropriate.
I love Urban Dictionary
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
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