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1.)Thin + Inspiration.

a.)A person's thinspiration is usually an Image or Photograph, but can be many other things like: Lyrics, Poems, Quotes, Sayings, etc..

b.)An inspiration to stay thin.
"Kate Moss is my thinspiration"
by Thinspirationz February 20, 2005
Lyttbaatt is an abbreviation for the phrase or saying: "Love You To The Bones, And Always Think Thin."
It is a greeting and/or goodbye phrase that pro-eating disorder and eating disordered people use.
"Love you to the bones" was a lyric from the austrailian band, Silverchair's, song: "Ana's Song."
"Talk to you again soon. Lyttbaat."
by thinspirationz January 02, 2005

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