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A small tribe of bros.
When the colony of Broanoke disappeared, the word "Broatoan" (a possible misspelling of Broatan) was found carved into a nearby tree, hinting at the settlers' possible assimilation into this exclusive tribe of bros.
by thezirk April 14, 2011
An offshoot of the English language used by bros, in which

1. normal words (potato) are slightly altered (brotato) to be used as a term of endearment for one's bros or

2. to serve as descriptor words for the complicated bro relationship.
The following would be examples of Ebronics:

1. "What's up brometheus? You wanna go get some drinks?"

2. "Just because we spend all our time together doesn't mean we're gay; we're bromosexuals."
by thezirk April 14, 2011

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