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Boring people who would rather spend their life after school staying at school.

All teachers think that they can control a class(which is 98% untrue).

Teachers usaly bore you to death by explaning to much.

Other teachers drive you crazy by making you write to much.

Some teachers that don't know the meaning of rest give you homework everyday.

Some stutter all the time.

Others like to shout and chuck tamtrums like 3 year olds when ever you make a mastake.

Others also always give too many dettention slips so they don't look vunreble when the class mucks up.
Teacher: Today your we are going to write a 5 page report.
student: Oh thats boring.(class mucks up.
Teacher: I'm giving you all a detention.ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAR.
by theyuongteen January 29, 2005

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