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A hollow log that typically resides in fog or light mist. Recent rumours circulated suggesting they could be sentient lifeforms with an IQ of over 145, but all evidence points towards them being inanimate objects.
During a mushroom shortage Bob Geldolf sat on a foglog whilst visiting Gibralta. (Extract from The Daily Telegraph)
by theyarecomingforyou April 10, 2005
A domesticated animal that mimics common garden plants; known to eat soil and chase chickens.
Teh dogflower mangled my fuschias!!1!#@!
by theyarecomingforyou April 10, 2005
A two-wheeled form of transportation created from crushed bees encrusted in resin. Most commonly found in rural parts of India, where high manufacturing costs prohibit the use of steel.
Mr Raisindooer leapt excitedly onto his beecycle, energised after receiving oral sex from a goat.
by theyarecomingforyou April 11, 2005
A taunt used to confuse dogs - derivation of the world foglog, best used whilst making a pelvic thrust gesture towards their head.
**waves arms vigorously** Moglog!!!!! **pelvic thrust** Moglog!!!!!!! **jumps up and down on the spot**
by theyarecomingforyou April 10, 2005

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