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Derived from the early hit tv shows, snoopy and peanuts. The main character in snoopy, was a small white dog. Odlly enoungh, snoop dogg, is black, how this occored is without question, but, if you refer to episode 37 of snoopy, you will notice him holding up a sign saying "yo my bitches, holla at me one mo gen. Yo best to be poppin a squat when my new hit series comes put in the future DOGIE FIZZLE TELEVIZZLE.which directly translates to, WATCH MY SHOW YOU DUMB NIGGAS FO I BUST A CAP IN YO ASS."
SNOOP: Hey my bitches and ho's
BITCHES AND HO'S: we love you snoop, even though you just deprived us of our womenly dignity.
by thexxxemoxxxkid April 07, 2005

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