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the vaginal ranney disease, if come in contact with, will turn your sexual organs, into lobster eggs, that are filled with pus, and reeks of a very foul odor. in some forms of the disease, it causes your sexual organs to grow thorns, and leak pyroclastic material, from that of a volcanoe. and sometimes, in very rare cases, it shortens life span.

very common symtpoms of this disease, is that you are suddenly stupid. also that ur hair will start to have a yellowish, feces coloring to it.
hmm...damnit, i have the vaginal ranney disease! it is real!
#vaginal #wartage #diseased #vagina #whore #juice
by thewatermoccasin June 15, 2010
Someone who suddenly has a raging anger against penis's, and attacks them. Striking them violently as possible with their fists, and repetitively pounding on the penis. Sometimes they grab the penis, and shove it into the floor.
That bitch is such a penis jolter
#penis #jolter #fag #lesbian #labia #faggot #dick #cock #munchies
by thewatermoccasin June 24, 2010
To press against one another, anus to anus, while one person poops into the other's asshole.
Man I got so drunk last night, I don't remember shit! People are saying I gave this one chick a Backside Brownie!!!
#backside #brownie #poop #anus #kinky #shit #asshole
by thewatermoccasin June 14, 2011
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