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A dance, similar to "the jerk" but preformed to hardcore rock music, preferably Down With The Sickness by Disturbed. Consists of throwing hands up and swinging head aimlessly while performing the ever so popular jerk.
Hey Louis, its the song!!! do the wank!!!
by thewank November 18, 2009
To bust out one last rep of an intense set in a workout when no one believes in you and your all alone and you believe in yourself.
Matt: dude, 1 last rep, bustit out!!!
Screamer kid: AAAAYYYYAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
The rest of the weight class: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
by thewank November 18, 2009
An instrument used to measure ones weight in a gym or weight lifting facility. Mostly used to measure muscle gain.
Mitchell:Hey Matt, let's go use the detecto to see how much muscle we've gained
Matt: Aight, fa sho dude
by thewank November 18, 2009

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