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Self-absorbed animals in clothes.
Chimpanzee: This planet might actually be pretty cool if those pompous, pretentious, selfish humans weren't running around like they owned the show. Wait, I'm an animal... how the hell am I talking?
by TheVoiceOfReason June 25, 2005
political figurehead that all of America blames their problems on, acting as if the president had any real power and was diliberately making horrible decisions.
man, our economy is in the toilet and unemployment is sky-high, it's all that damn president's fault.
by TheVoiceOfReason January 26, 2005
Things that are taken to help people deal with boring, suck-ass reality.
Drugs that are illegal got that way because they work.
by TheVoiceOfReason August 28, 2006
The most over-rated thing that has ever existed.
People like to think they're sooooo advanced and beyond animals because they have art, music, and technology when all the while not one of these things (or anything else they've created for that matter) will mean a thing after people die just like every other organism on the planet. The only thing that truly seperates people from any other animal is that they are aware of their own mortality, and if you ask me that's not really something to be proud of.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 25, 2005
Confining structure containing just three walls, as the designers saw to make them so restrictive the person sitting in it adds the fourth wall in their mind.

Cubicle dwellers are often starved for any and all types of human contact and often peek out of their cubicle at the slightest sound of activity. A loud enough activity will resonate a "prairie dog" position from the cubicle dweller, poking their head over the tiny little glass partition.

Locations of the most Minesweeper and Solitaire activity than any other place in the entire world.
When walking through a grid of cubicles, one often feels their very life getting sucked out of them.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 21, 2005
When one is particularly muscular. Stems from the fact when one is muscular one has a "SWOllen" look
That body builder is swo like a mother fucker.
by TheVoiceOfReason March 21, 2006
Jonathan "Yoni" Wolf. A very talented hip-hop artist. Often collaborates with Adam Drucker, better known as Doseone]. Signed to the Anticon record label.
Why? Is very underrated. Why? I don't know why.
by TheVoiceOfReason July 25, 2006

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