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1. A person who for some unknown reason decides that he wants to be a pretend-a-street kid even though he/she has a house. The word "housey" works as well
2. a poser of any sorts
3. That loser kid that thinks you are the illest shit in the entire universe and does anything humanly possible just to be your friend. this includes buying you things, paying your rent, sleeping with you (if that's your kinda thing). You can treat this kid like shit and you're still his best friend. In prison this person would be referred to as your bitch!
1. person a: So that kid "Trainwreck" just got back from Cali
person b: Cali?! you mean mom and dad's? everyone knows that Trainwreck is a worthless oogle!
2. Is that a vegan chick at BK?! Omg what an oogle
3. person a: omg I am like 20 bucks short on some concert tickets and I really want to go
person b: why don't you call your oogle, what was his name again?
person a: can't, I sold his soul for some tool tickets 2 months ago remember
person b: that was 2 months ago! you're still good he's an oogle remember?
by theveggiejerk November 29, 2009

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