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The Chicago Cubs are the single most loser organization in the history of sports. I talk not only about the numbers but the quality of talent and fan base. The tradition is losing. For a country that is largely made up of losers and those who have never won anything in life it is easy to see why there is so many Cubs fans. It is sad that people, grown ups teach their children it is acceptable to root for a team that time and time again embarrass' it's city. The Chicago Cubs play at the worst field left in the majors. It is in the heart of boystown in Chicago, IL. This may explain the sheer number of homosexuals who frequent the games. Cubs fan are not real sports fan and they do not care for the game itself. Being a Cubs fan is a NOVELTY. the Cubs are a novelty act that is more of a show going on while there is a drunken homosexual party in the stand. For a person to call themselves a Cubs fan they admit that they are,

1) Gay,

2) A Loser,

3) is a phoney,

4) a drunk,

5) has a small loser shaped penis,


6) an unhealthy combination of 1-5.

So there you have it. That is the true definition of the Chicago Cubs.
1908-2012 "chicago cubs lose again... like it ever matter, we are here for the forced entry"
2012 numbers dont lie
by thetruthisheretosaveyou July 15, 2012
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