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Most (respected) white women are immune to the white girl effect. This definition only pertains to the few ugly white women who try to put down girls of other races to make themselves feel better.

1. When a few rich athletic black men get chased by a white woman who is a jersey chaser because most of these jersey chasers are easy and will do every thing a self respecting white woman and non white woman REFUSES to do.

3. When an ugly man from Asia, Africa, Arabia, or South America who cannot get even an ugly woman from his own culture arrives at a Westernized country, resorts to ugly White Women because he finds that she is easier and more open to get with than an attractive white women, asian, african, arabian, or south american women.

4. Why Westernized media is supposedly preferred over Non-Westernized media because white men control most of the western media and like to overly promote their own race to hide the fact that they secretly lust for women of other races and to make insecure white women feel better about themselves because non-white women don't need all that attention from their men to feel valuable...DUH!

5. What makes insecure non-white and white women purchase hair dye and colored eye contacts, and skin lightening products, tanning products, curly perms, butt implants as a result of the false idea of beauty that white men that control the media have created.
1. Yingl(black hair, black eyes, flat nose) is hot but racist Tammy (white, slender nose, slight freckles, hazel eyes and red hair) might seem hotter because she puts on a pound of make up every morning since she is not as naturally pretty as Ying, who needs no make up and so, Tammy gets hit on by more men who just want to hit and quit it so they can marry a real beauty like Ying.

2.Shaniqua tried out for a local beauty pageant but went home defeated because the white women at the try outs won because all the judges were white men who didn’t want to hurt the white girl's feelings because they LOVE their white women who are not conditioned to be strong like non-white women. They've become victims of the White Girl Effect.

3. Tiger Woods strives to perfect his golf so he can cheat with ugly white women because they are easier and he knows he is no good for non-white women since a black, respectful white woman or latina woman will never put up with that crap and asian women are too good to be hurt. He knows he is too low and deserves no better than low-class ugly white women.

4. Why do European men flock all over non-white women? Why do some White women tan and dye their hair so much that they don't even know the color of their natural hair. Why do some white women the only race that put on a pound of make up everyday and age quickly after 25? Because of white men who put pressure on them!
by thetruthforreals2011 November 21, 2011

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