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Pronunciation: \ˈswe-tər-ˌvest\

Function: Noun

Defintion: A person who behaves like an asshole; a person that is inconsiderate or inpolite.

History: Though it takes it's name from a person being especially tool-like at a concert and pushing people aside when there was no path or movement simply because they are bigger, the phrase is expanded to serve to describe any kind of person who behaves like an asshole in any situation. It does not attempt to make any loathing against those who wear sweatervests in normal life situations, but it is notably strange to wear one into the GA section of a punk-rock concert.
"Man, did you see the way that guy pushed that girl?"

"Yeah, what a sweatervest!"
by thethp March 11, 2009
A conversation revolving around code, or coding standards. This can often get heated and involved, if you're passionate enough about code.

Often it will involve the exchanging of code samples to prove points.
"Jeff and I had a long codeversation today about the occasions in whether or not "==" was just used for conditionals or not. It took a while but we got to the bottom of it."
by thethp October 29, 2009

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