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3 definitions by theswissofcheese

A old username for a man with a incredibly large frinch, which makes the holder look like he ran into a wall had high speeds, He more recently goes by with the name wizzy weasel or mrs nunn.
"hey look its the user formerly known as themanwithnohead"
by theswissofcheese September 14, 2003
the most godly user who has ever graced gamefaqs by his presence, his name confuses many but he likes it. He is called so because he is in people what swiss is in cheese, swiss being the best cheese means that he is the best person. He is well know for his modesty.
"theswissofcheese never brags about himsel"
by theswissofcheese September 15, 2003
1. Latin word for executioner
2. A user who formerly went by the name casau1ly. He likes PC's, and has a unusually big nose, other then the big nose part he is fairly cool unless he's trying to convince me how PC's are better then PS2.
"Ego sum carnifax"
by theswissofcheese September 15, 2003