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Molly Phinney's future home.
Wanna go to California?
by thespified February 21, 2005
1. A woman who is fearless, talented, poetic, beautiful woman.

2. A woman who is unafraid to slap double standards in the face and does not fear what critics and conservatives nancy think of her for doing so.

3. A woman who embodies female empowerment by executing many things and not just sexual references.

4. A woman who wears anything from slim to nothing to everything and more.

5. A woman who embodies art through fashion and make-up.

6. A woman who reinvents herself.

7. A strong woman that many insecure women fear and become jealous of to the point where they have to belittle her to feel good about themselves.

(Ps, does it ever occur to anyone how naked and "slutty" Madonna's sex book and appeal was back when she was Christina's age yet the ones who love Madonna hate Christina..how hypocrisy is personified!)
Damn, she can own the world she's such a Christina Aguilera!
by thespified February 21, 2005

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