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A weapon that can be found in the Mario Kart game series. A 'dirty box' is a weapon that appears as a red box with an upside down question mark on it.

A 'dirty box' will not protect you from shells as a banana would in the games but it is useful. Those making a split-second decision may initially think it is a beneficial 'question mark box' and coax them into driving into it bringing them to a halt.

Being hit by a 'dirty box' is considered the ultimate insult in Mario Karting worldwide.

The 'dirty box' should not be confused with dirty boxing (topless or naked boxing) or an unclean vagina (also known as a dirty box).
"I was in 2nd place and then the bellend in front of me hit me with a dirty box and pushed me down into 6th"

"I just can't catch a break. I was slammed with a blue shell, rodded by the lightning and then to compound it all, I GOT DIRTY BOXED"

"When you're out driving and the guy behind you is up your arse, don't you just wish you had a real-life dirty box?"
by thesmashingpumpkins October 13, 2009

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