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2 definitions by thesheba

A profession that works in a multitude of disciplines - mental health, schools, non-profits, child welfare, the aging population, community organizing, lobbying, client advocacy, and legal.
Social work has a broad range of populations that it serves, not just child welfare.
by thesheba February 27, 2009
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1. A person who works with at-risk populations.

Some who work in this field are wounded healers, some people are burnt out, but many realize the gravity of the work they perform and have a great deal of empathy and compassion for the people they serve. Sometimes a social worker's involvement is unnecessary, but many times it is needed. Many people have negative experiences with social workers because the social worker comes into their life when their family is in crisis. This is specifically the case in child welfare, but understand it is known among child welfare social workers, that child welfare is the most intrusive form of government.

Social workers are not just child welfare workers, but mental health counselors/therapists, non-profit workers (such as domestic violence shelters, group home workers, family resource centers), hospital staff, some lawyers and judges, lobbyists, drug treatment counselors and many more.
The social workers helped me realize it was time to get off drugs.
by thesheba February 27, 2009
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