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In reference to a man's penis who has sex with the same girl that at least two of his friends have already been with. He is by definition removing dried jizz that was left behind from his friend's climax. This cleans the girl out for the rotation to continue.
Chris: I'm going to get some from Briana tonight! Hell yeah!!!

Kyle: Dude, I've already had that chick.

Dan: I just had her last night! It was bad enough I got Kyle's sloppy seconds.

Chris: I guess I get to be the cum chisel....fuck my life!
by theshakal2179 June 07, 2010
To have a guy bend over with his ass in the air and have another guy side straddle the other guy and push his scrotum in his rectum. The following looks like a wrench and creates torque on the bottom guy's rectum.
Bob: im a catcher.
Chester: if thats the case, lets do some wrenching!
by theshakal2179 June 03, 2010
The name of a fart that passes through a damp or soiled ass crevasse in which it makes a light but pronounced clapping sound.
As I sat nervously awaiting for my job interview to start, I tried to hold onto my fart but slipped and released a buttfutter.....I didn't get the job.
by theshakal2179 May 05, 2015
In reference to a woman's vagina that has saggy pussy lips that swing when she moves around or beef curtains.
Lilly's pussy is beefy!
by theshakal2179 May 18, 2015
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