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a school where cows live, learn, give , grow and gain. Also refered to as the "farm."
"hey mate heard that your gonna go to school at Aitken College"
"Ha Ha Say hi to the cows for me"
by thesexiestofthemall September 01, 2008
possibly the greatest local cricket/footbal/netball/bocce club that the ever has been. much better than scummy flea ridden rivals glenroy and jacana. Without a doubt better than westmeadows greenvale and doutta stars to certain peoples dismay ofcourse.
Hadfields mascot is the Hawk and is commonly refered to as Hady or "the club which cannot be defeated"
Haddy competes in the EDFL, NWCA, MMCA and Local netball and cricket competitions.
"hey mate ya reckon that we'll beat haddy this weekend"
"by Haddy you mean the hadfield hawks right?"
"Yeah Thats the one"
"hell no me dont stand a chance against such an infinitly superior club!"
"I gonna go jump off a bridge"
"me too"
by thesexiestofthemall September 01, 2008

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