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A great and wildly successful band in the '70s, they have been obscured by other progressive acts like Pink Floyd by today's youth. All three members of the band (Keith Emerson on keyboards, Greg Lake on vocals and bass, and Carl Palmer on drums) were virtuosos at their respective instruments. Keith Emerson's awe-inspiring skill can be seen in all of their live albums and on epic tracks like Tarkus and Karn Evil 9: First Impression. Must-listens include: Tarkus, Karn Evil 9 (First Impression Part 2), From the Beginning, Knife Edge, Hoedown, Lucky Man, Jerusalem, Peter Gunn, Fanfare for the Common Man, Still... You Turn Me On, Tiger In a Spotlight, Trilogy, Infinite Space (Conclusion), Bitches Crystal, A Time and A Place and many others.
Listener: Damn this is awesome! Who is this again?
Prog Fan: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Listener: I gotta get me some ELP albums
by theredkatana August 07, 2006

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