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An overrated small-town located in the isolated central coast of California. Pretty much everyone who lives here thinks its the best place on earth, but can only back that up with either "it has perfect weather," "it has farmer's market on Thursday," or "Its surrounded by scenic hills." The truth is, the majority of the people who live here come from smog-embezzled L.A. They haven't seen much better of an area, so when they get here they think its paradise, and never want to leave.

In the end, you get a small-town that has a high population of snobs, lacking diversity and that is conservative in many respects. Also, full of people who haven't heard of Yosemite, or who have, but don't really know where it is and have never been there. They think, what place could be better than San Luis Obispo?

About the weather, its not perfect. The sunny, clear weather people talk about only occurs for a few hours around lunch. Past 3-o'clock, you'll have a cold wind blowing in your face at 18mph, almost all year. Evenings, everyone's inside because its cold and windy. Even in the summer you only get a handful of nice evenings. There are no seasons, the weather is the same year-round, which is boring.
Hairstylist: "So, how long have you lived here in San Luis Obispo?"

resident "Oh, I've lived here for many years, at least 40, grew up here and raised my kids here."

H.S. "Oh really, so where are your kids off to?"

"Oh, they're actually still here as well. You know, once your here, you realize its not worth living anywhere else."

97% of people here say this on a daily basis.
by therealtruthsayer October 12, 2011
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