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3 definitions by therealstacey

Ocean City, Maryland...the best and only place to be in the summer. A great place to make fun of the tourons(tourist/morons) who don't know where to find the really good seafood. Where my favorite reastaraunt Hoopers is located and my boy Spike...don't forget Tequila Mockingbird and of course the boardwalk. OC MD is the REAL OC i don't care what anyone says
"OCMD is the shit"
by therealstacey May 03, 2005
A show that is so flippin stupid yet addicting in it's own right
"the oc sucks yet i still watch"
by therealstacey May 03, 2005
Stacey's mom is not as cool as you think she really is...trust me even tho the song rox
Stacey's mom has got it goin on....NOT!
by therealstacey May 03, 2005