2 definitions by therealnads

1. the dangley scrotum that hangs in between a mans legs

2. a very interesting name for someone to call their child that you know gets the ladies and is a very handsome boy and at football games you can cry "GO NADS GO"

3. slang for testicles or ballsack

4. the best place to keep your hands very warm
i know these things very well because my name is nads and i am a nadologist and i study nadology
by therealnads December 01, 2009
Steps to achieve the Santas Magical Sack

1. purchase a santa costume

2.purchase a large red sack (one the could fit a large dog into it)

3. cut a hole in the sack the size of a tennis ball

4. have your santa costume on while doing your girlfriend doggystyle

5. quickly withdraw and forcefully stuff her into the large sack where you continue to have sex with her through the hole you cut out
santas magical sack
by therealnads December 01, 2009

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