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2 definitions by thereallove

The most amazing girl in the world. Someone who will always be there for you no matter what you do. Understanding, gorgeous, smart, athletic, most often there are to many words to describe this amazing person. Shiann is strong, opinionated, lover and a fighter. She will be your best friend or your worst enemie. There is no grey area with shianne you will either love or hate her. But truth be known she will not lie to you, an if you are a friend of hers; she will give you here last dollar, spill blood to protect you, and happily hand you her whole heart. Lastly she is not one to cross, this girl is TOUGH! One of the sweetest girls you could ever meet. She is both complex and deep, yet outwardly friendly and knows how to relax. She is nearly the exact definition of "beautiful," so one should not take her for granted.
"I met this wonderful girl the other night. Her name was really pretty too- it was Shiann."
by TheREalLove May 06, 2013
when you see a really short, ugly kid you scream COONEY!
person 1: omg look at that kid.

person 2: lol what a cooney!
by thereallove January 12, 2011