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A moment two bros share when their minds connect and they think the same thing at the same time.
"Bro dude that chick has a nice enough ass for a nice roll in the hay."
by therealbrofessor March 22, 2010
When a friend or bro is responsible for telling his friend or bro what he said and did the night before, when the subject being observed is presumably 'shit-faced' or 'fucked up'.
A Designated Observer may tell his bro about a conversation he had with an attractive female he was trying to 'score with' or 'tap'.
by therealbrofessor February 21, 2010
St. Patrick's day, 420, Last day of classes, and Easter.
Chad: "I think I'm gonna smoke this fire deezle tonight."

Dirk: "Nah bro, save it for a special broccasion."
by therealbrofessor March 29, 2010
To thoroughly examine the chest of a female.
Ryan: Dude look at that bitch over there, I'd **** that ass raw.

Mikey: Bro, maybe if you had inchestigated, you would have noticed that she's flatter than an illinois road.
by therealbrofessor June 26, 2010

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