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During the World Cup, when men all over the UK sit and drink cheap lager in front of the TV with their mates, their girlfriends and wives hit the pubs, bars and clubs and get wankered to escape the stupidity.
"World Cup Widows" is a game played by guys smart enough to take advantage of this, with points being awarded for every time you drive one home in their penalty boxes. 1 point for fingering them, 2 points for a fuck in the toilet.
Steve: "Hey Jake, you want to go and play World Cup Widows in town tonight? Smash some back doors in?"
Jake: "No you stupid cunt, I'm gay."
by therealalfgarnett June 13, 2014
The act of defacing another human being by taking a dump on their face; curling out a long one around their mouth in the style of pretentious beard/moustache combos preferred by Belgian Jazz enthusiasts. Also referencing Belgian chocolate. A great party piece for those falling asleep at Christmas.
Like a moroccan moustache, but on the chin as well
Alex's slowness in responding to product queries caused considerable frustration amongst the sales team, and when he passed out at the Christmas party he awoke sporting a belgian beard.
by therealalfgarnett December 14, 2009

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