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railing your girlfriend, wi-fee, or any chick who is DTF while they are on the rag. (menstruating)
I don't really worry about head week anymore, I just pull the plug and lay the towel down.

"dude that chick is DTF, but She just started her rag."

"its ok, just pull the plug and lay the towel down."
by thereal801 June 06, 2009
America's Hat
Look @ a map of the US with Canada, right up top
by thereal801 July 13, 2009
to leave,go, bail, exit, vamos.

Originated from the San Francisco, Bay Area
"yo dawg here comes the law, its time to cut!"

"i gotta cut, time to pick up my babies momma."

"Look, we better pull the plug and lay the towel down quick. Cause I gotta cut by 10."

"I was hella drunk last night. I had to cut before I got 86ed."
by thereal801 July 03, 2009

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