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The art of being silly, poking fun, or acting goofy. One my be rambunctious, and boisterous while being perceived as strange and weird though this is not the case. They are in their element, whole domain as they frolic in fun, having the grands of times. Though it doesn't have to be, it could be a collection, or cluster of pupils that kick their heels and let their hair down as they bring joy and foolishness into the world.

It has been said, passed through generations of storytellers those who are clownen typically don't shave their mudflaps, chops, rat tails, hitlers, soul patches, (balls), or all of the above stated.
Setting the Scene:
Normals (normal men and women) gazing over a field of clowns, partaking is sillyness acts.

Normal 1: Whole fucking shit on a dick, is that really what I think I just saw?

Normal 2: I cannot believe my beautiful blue eyes, my mind has been blown yet again..

Normal 1: Yeah, golly gee wilikers, those fellas are clownen
by therapmasta beatdropper February 20, 2011

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