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created by a man to replace the term "fucking around"
My boss caught me jillyflickin behind the shed.
by theRapist October 19, 2004
The Master of MoR!!!
Simmen Stenil is so awesome, so give him $5! DO IT NOW!!!
by therapist August 19, 2003
Greatest person ever
wow...he's a libu
by theRapist March 24, 2003
Slutty, bitchy, and in need of a good smack in the face. Chatham girls rove in packs, consuming all people who may get in their way through whatever means possible. They can be found bitching at others, consuming raw flesh, wearing pink, blue, white, or black North Face jackets, sucking cock, and of course are easily recognized by the growths protruding from each side of their head, often know as iPod headphones, and the festering trail of herpes and cash they leave behind wherever they slither.

See Chatham.
Look, a Chatham Girl! Quick, get the camera!

No, her head is still partially visible out of her ass. She must be from Madison.
by Therapist February 04, 2005
In prison, its the opposite of tossing salad. It's when the one who's salad has been tossed has the opportunity to shove something up the tosser's ass, i.e. a stick, soap, a penis.
"Did you hear about Joe." "What?" "Big Frank tossed his salad, so he shoved a mop up his ass."
by THERAPIST October 27, 2004
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