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1) A student who has been designated as intellectually superior by their board of educators.

2) A student who is enrolled in gifted classes.

3) A student considered by their peers to be smart.

Gifties are characterized by their odd senses of humor, strange hobbies, strange relationships with their peers, an ability to tell whether or not another person is gifted by talking to them, and a general rivalry with students recieving normal educations, or "normies".

Gifties are, needless to say, often considered "wierd" for their personalities. Personality traits of gifties vary from person to person, and can include perfectionism, depression, extreme happiness (often to the slight disturbance of others), antisocial tendencies, rebellious behaviour, creativity, uncontrollable energy, spontaneous outbursts, an inability to concentrate, and (most common) hyperactivity.

Contrary to popular belief, gifties often do not succeed in school and do not neccesarily care about their education. Many gifties recieve poor grades, are disorganized, disrupt classes, and may have great difficulty in a certain subject area.

Gifties are a small portion of the population, and prefer to stick with each other rather than the rest of the population, often impatient with ways of society that may seem unimportant, unfair or unneccesary to them.
Gifty: Hahaha! There was a Migwissack in science class thanks to this guy!


Normy: What?

Gifty: (coldly) Oh look, a normy.

Normy: I thought gifties were smart.

Gifty: Really? I'm failing math.

Other Gifty: I actually have ADHD.


Gifties: LMAO YES

Normy: Omg, you guys are so wierd >.< *leaves*

Gifty: ...and this is why I prefer hanging around other gifties.
by therandomgiftypersonXD March 19, 2009

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