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3 definitions by therainsmelody

The act of getting messed up on acid during the day in a public place. Usually a forest-y park.
Let's take a day trip tomorrow. I bought some great stuff yesterday.
by therainsmelody August 07, 2009
The act of stocking up on acid stamps and wandering around in the woods or park until you run out.
Dude, the day trip yesterday was probably my favorite. Totally found my spirit animal. We should go day tripping /every/ day.
by therainsmelody August 07, 2009
Like incestuous, but with your friends. A group of friends that's oddly, freakishly close with each other. Hold hands, occasionally kiss, share toothbrushes. Sometimes significant others of the friends get jealous of how touchy feely they are.
Those girls over there are so friendcestuous. It's kinda hot, actually. They keep cuddling and licking each other.
by therainsmelody May 09, 2010