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A gaming term to describe someone who plays games that typically involve very fast paced action and require excellent reaction times to master.

Classic arcade games such as Missile Command and Defender require quick reflexes. Unreal Tournament and Quake are more contempory examples.

Typically with these games, you have little time to think. Some players will be operating purely on instinct. The rapid movements they make is where the name comes from. The player will be twitching as they operate the controls.
John: Damn, I thought I was good at Tekken and then I played that Japanese kid.
Sally: He doesn't do anything but drink Jolt Cola, play that game and sleep. He's a twitcher.
by Thepreacher August 14, 2006
This term became popular in the business world because it was used to describe some products or services that when bundled together would lead to a complete solution. For example, Microsoft Office isn't just a suite of applications, it's a total office solution.

The term, like most management buzzwords has lost any meaning it originally had. People no longer sell products or services any more, they're all selling solutions.

With the golden age of the 'give us your money and don't ask questions' Internet boom of the late 90s this word grew to become e-solutions. An e-solution is something to do with the Internet. No-one is really sure what it does but it makes web pages or something and so is a must-have.
Steve: We offer turnkey catering solutions for consumers and prosumers
Dave: You sell sandwiches from a battered old caravan parked on an industrial estate don't you?
Steve: Ssssh, she doesn't have to know that.
by thepreacher May 15, 2006
A worthless kid who steals cars, drives them around with scant regard for their own safety let along those around them. Often conveniently burns the cars afterwards.

The people carrying out these crimes often tend to be council.
Man 1: That joyrider's trapped in the car he set alight. Christ, he's screaming like a stuck pig.
Man 2: Come one, we'll miss the bus.
by thepreacher August 11, 2003
A politically correct way of saying that the government is going to give tax-payer's money to religious groups so they can use it to persue their religious agenda.

'Faith-based initiative' sounds less threatening than 'religious school' and so is less likely to scare people. This phrase is increasingly being used in the US and the UK.
Tony Blair: I think faith-based schools will benefit our children.
Journalist: So you're saying that you want to let religious organisations educate our children so they can learn that evolution and creationism are equally valid?
Tony Blair: They will receive a balanced education.
Journalist: So it's okay for children to be taught to doubt evolution and consider the earth to have been created within the last 10,000 years by a god? All this at the tax-payer's expense.
Tony Blair: Next question please.
by thepreacher April 27, 2006
Derogatory term used to describe people of low social-class. It's very similar to the term Chav. Also used to describe something that looks cheap or tacky.

It's based on the fact that poor people would tend to live in subsidised housing in the UK known as a council estate. Council estates have improved a great deal in the past 10-20 years but some are still suffering from anti-social behavour brought about by Chav and Urban wannabee behaviour by kids and young adults who are simply bored and lacking identity or a sense of community.
John: Oh my! How much gold does she think she can fit around her neck?
Steve: Mr T could pull it off but she's just council.
by thepreacher November 18, 2005
Homeless man. Often seen wearing several coats, drinking, defecating in street.

See also.
Tramp, vagrant, vagabond.
Can of spesh? What do you think I am, a gentleman of the road?
by thepreacher August 11, 2003
A triumph of marketing over talent.

Normally a group of males or females under the age of 25, recruited to form a band that sing in songs that are written and performed for them.

The band will normally consist of regular band members (animated meat bags), 1 member who can sing and also 1 non-threatening rebel.

Bands consisting entirely of female members will be expected to wear their underpants to work. In all, this leaves the male population feeling that the record buying teenagers of the world are depriving the porn industry of some excellent actresses.

See also
Boy band
S-Club 7, Damage, 911, N*Sync
by thepreacher August 04, 2003

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