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A slight injury similar to run burn that comes from falling or being dragged hard on grass/ground outside.

usually from outdoor games such as soccer, football, and Hug-A-Bear
Dude I got some nasty grass burn from that game of Hug-A-Bear Yesterday.

Person A: Wow what happened to the skin on your arm?
Person B: It's grassburn.
by theplauge April 29, 2009
An awesome game based on the skills of wrestling, detaining, and getting away from someone.

How to play:
1.) there is a circle of people in pairs (one sitting in front, one sitting behind) and one person in the circle has no partner.

2.)the person with no partner points to a pair.

3.) Of that pair, The person in the front to get to the pointer in 20 seconds.

4.) Of that pair, the person behind does everything they can to detain the person.

5.) if the person in front gets to the pointer, then the person behind is the new pointer. If the person in front doesn't get to the pointer, the pointer picks a new pair.
Person A: Remember that awesome game of Hug-A-Bear we played?

Person B: Hell yea, I still have mega bruises and grass burn.
by theplauge April 29, 2009
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