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Do you enjoy hard manual labour based trades and UFC fighting???

Then hop in your cavallier or big old lifted pickup truck and come on down to Langford, BC, where the domestic beer is cheap and the woman are even cheaper!!

Move right on in to one the many available mobile homes or "rustic" residences and head on down to the local employment offices. If you like hammering nails, digging holes, or any other form of unskilled mindless labour then Langford has the careers for you!

And on pay day, theres loads of cheap dives around town where you can get your budwiser and bar-fighting fix and if thats not enough, even the Great Canadian Casino is there to take that pesky rent money off your grubby hands!

Ladies, weather your short or really short, fat, or just morbidly obease, Langford is the place for you!!

Get your mullet trimmed at one of many discount salons and spend your day relaxing at one of the many slot machines in the local casino and drink your cares and gorcery money away on cheap liquor served round the clock!! Your kids will be taken care of to! Belmont Secondary is a sprawling sub-par public highschool with only some violent drug crime where your childern can finally earn that pesky grade 10!!

Come enjoy the wonderful lower-middle class lifestyle affordable Langford, BC has to offer!!

Langford BC: where even you can become a valued member of society!!
Hey Earl, wanna head on over to Langford to watch the fights??

Sure Lenny, and on the way we can stop in at the 6 mile and get ourselves a 2-4 of Bud!!
by thepeopleofvictoria February 24, 2010

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