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2 definitions by theosus

A guilt-free excuse to sleep around on your significant other. One credit is gained when you catch them sleeping around on you - and can be spent at any time.
Bob: I can't believe you aren't going to dump Ann for sleeping around on you.

Jim: Its okay man, I got a booty credit now. I'm going to fuck her sister.
by theosus July 31, 2008
The state that results when you drive home from a big-box retailer and realize you are missing a bag or two of stuff, due to cashier laziness and/or underhandedness. Often leads to the choice of going back and arguing with employees, or promising to 'check yourself' better next time.
Bob: Wait, I'm missing my trash bags and ex-lax from the store.

Dana: Damn it! Thats twice this month we've been wal-marted.
by theosus July 22, 2008