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(man-sloot) A much classier version of a male slut-manslut. The manslute will use coy tactics like making a girl feel special, and feeding her lines of bullshit like "you're the only one for me baby", in order to expedite the process of banging a non-drunk girl. A manslute also has many female "companions", hence the "slute" suffix.

Also the manslute cannot be a homo and cannot like chode in any way.

The word has excellent context in any situation in which a male whore wants to make himself sound like less of a slut and sound like something more respectable.

The words roots are man and slut with an "E" at the end to take away from the negative connotation of the word slut.
Girl:I'm not going to get with you you're just a manslut.
Guy: No, no no. I'm a Manslute, it's much classier. Plus I care about you and you're the only one I want to be with.
by theoriginalmslt November 10, 2007
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