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When a man gives a very slight warning that he is about to B his L in a woman's M. The procedure is as follows: When about to cum very lightly tap the girl on the shoulder or the head. It must be a very lite tap but enough to say that you warned her when she gets angry from a mouth full of man juice.
The lite tap is the polite tap!
by theorighotcarl August 03, 2010
The seahorse is performed when a sexual act takes place snorkeling in a body of water ( pool, ocean, lake, sinks-for little people). Once ejaculation is about to be reached the penis is removed from the orifice of sexual choice the female is pushed below the water surface and the ejaculate is released down her snorkel.

This can also serve as a good source of protein for the female if stranded at sea.
On a cruise in the mediterranean I met a real freak just south of Sicily. We spent the day snorkeling, the passion was hot and she suggested that I provide her with a mouthful of my manhood. Lets just say that I'm glad the snorkel was extralarge. As she guzzled down my lost offspring I embraced the moment and that was when the spawning seahorse was born.
by theorighotcarl August 02, 2010

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