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a moosemamachunk is a very large woman, usually one with a proclivity towards moo moos
There was a moosemamachunk in line at the walmart today with a t-shirt on that had printed on the back "I like it from behind."
by Theophilus North October 07, 2009
Someone you know but whose name just can't com off your tongue,
Whosamadinger in IT really screwed up my outlook.
by theophilus north October 19, 2010
When you can not quite remember an individuals name.
Remember whosamacallit from the Marching Band?
by Theophilus North October 16, 2010
The ability or inability of an object, person or thing to be smelled and the degree to which it can be.
Her breakfast of goat cheese is very smellible.
by Theophilus North October 07, 2009

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