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2 definitions by theonewhodidthis

First used in a Sparknotes article, a flurkle is a flirtatious chuckle used by women to get the attention of other men. It is usually very high pitched and often followed by "That's SO funny!!!!"
Girl 1: Yeah did you see Clarissa clinging to Brad today?

Girl 2: Seriously! I cannot stand her flurkle!
by theonewhodidthis February 05, 2010
a word meaning anything and everything, but yet nothing at all. It's meaning depends on the context in which it is placed in conversation.
"That was totally nerked up!"

"Nerk this, I'm leaving."

"Quit being such a nerk!"

"Woah don't blow a nerk or anything..."

"I'm nerking, I'm nerking!"

"Keep your nerk to yourself!"
by theonewhodidthis February 03, 2010